Interested in volunteering for LMI? We have opportunities for both short or long term volunteers to get involved in the work we are doing. Contact us at for more information. Our past long-term volunteers include:

Angelia LaudermithAngelica Laudermith

Angelica is originally from South Dakota and began working with Living Media in the spring of 2011. She managed the business of our art gallery serving as a mentor to our artisans and a liaison to our customers. She also taught English courses and Creativity at our Learning Institute as well as supporting our Haitian staff in all of their roles, especially with communication. Angelica is skilled in jewelry making, ceramics, and photography, and has traveled to Haiti with multiple other organizations before coming to work with LMI. She brought her experience to everything that we do to encourage those involved to reach their full potential.

Sarah LetscheSarah Letsche

Sarah is originally from Iowa and came to Living Media after having taught art in South Korea for four years. She had made shorter trips to Mizak previously, but began working as a long-term volunteer for LMI in the fall of 2012. Sarah taught Painting and Drawing at our Learning Institute as well as worked with the staff of our New Life Primary school to develop a curriculum in the arts for the children. She also brought her experience in the arts in a way to encourage our artists who exhibit in our gallery to find new markets and opportunities for them to share their work.

Brooke FowlerBrooke Fowler

Brooke is from Jackson, Michigan, and joined us over the summer of 2014 to teach English classes at the Learning Institute as well as help artistically and creatively with our other programs. She became involved in the community of Mizak as a member of a work team with Haitian Artisans for Peace International and she brought experience in jewelry and painting to LMI’s programs as well which helped our artisans to improve their skills and brought new inspiration to their production.


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