Our Staff of directors is made of talented young Haitian professionals who are dedicated to making their local communities more creative, better educated places for all to live. As they carve out their own paths towards realizing their dreams, they are managing our diverse programs to ensure that others around them are able to believe that their dreams are possible too.

Serge-001Serge Gabriel

Director of Sustainability

Serge is one of Living Media’s co-founders and currently works to ensure that all of our programs are set up for success in the future by learning from experience every step of the way. He is a recent university graduate with a degree in Agronomy and serves as a leader in a number of community organizations, including our partner, LaVallee de Demain.

Kesnel-001Kesnel Tondreau

Director of Advocacy

Kesnel is a co-founder of Living Media and invests his energy into communicating our message and sharing our progress with our participants and our supporters both locally and internationally. He is a student in Agronomy and works with agricultural associations in his local community of Terre Blanche to help farmers improve their techniques. He is married with one child.

img_2956Roberson Philemont

Director of New Life School

Roberson has worked with Living Media since 2012 and serves as a leader and positive role model for the staff and more than 160 children at New Life School. He has studied civil engineering in university and also worked at other local high schools teaching the sciences to young students.

Yvette-001Yvette Jean Jacque

Director of Child Sponsorship

Yvette has worked with Living Media since our inception as a liaison to local educators and foreign sponsors to coordinate our child sponsorship program ensuring that all the registered children have their educational needs met. She has studied Administration in university and also works with the Red Cross to train and prepare the local population in areas of health and safety.

Jona-001Jona Douge

Director of Dreamers

Jona is a co-founder of Living Media and works by supporting our university level students in the Dreamer program by helping them get the resources that they need to achieve their educational goals and make a real difference in their communities. Jona is studying medicine in university himself and is passionate about unifying other young medical professionals to work together to find better solutions to the health issues facing their country.

Petuel-001Petuel Bongard

Director of Arts

Petuel has worked with Living Media since 2012 and oversees the business of the art gallery and the classes at the Learning Institute to promote existing artists and encourage the next generation of local creative minds. He has studied agronomy in university and is involved as a leader in a number of community activities including soccer and music programs.

Majorie-001Majorie Gere

Director of Guest Services

Majorie has worked with Living Media since 2012 and works with our teams and volunteers to make sure that their experiences working with Living Media in Haiti are as productive and enjoyable as possible. She has studied nursing and also has worked as a kindergarten teacher as someone who loves working with young children. She is married with a daughter.

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