Living Media International is a US-based charitable non-profit organization using the arts to enrich lives and inspire social change in rural Haiti.

Our mission:

To create opportunities through art, music, and creativity, for young adults in rural Haiti to have pride in their communities and to contribute to their development.

Art is frequently thought of as a target for charity itself, with nonprofit galleries and the concept of “starving artists,” but in the cultural context of countries where people literally struggle to find food to eat each day, art can be used as a catalyst instead to inspire social transformation and economic development. In impoverished nations where the evolution of art has taken very unique paths, the possibilities of what art can accomplish to impact the lives of those living in poverty are great.

There is a lot of destruction in this world and we believe that the only antidote is creation. The trick is to invest in what is beautiful rather than trying to cover up what is ugly.

Problem-solving stems from creative-thinking. We believe a mindset born from creating new things is fundamentally different than one that simply accepts the status quo. To make change, we must first believe its possible, and envision new ways to do things differently. Creative thinking, a perspective based on making things and expression, is not a regular part of the educational system in Haiti. Living Media strives to bring artistic, performative, creative practices to all stages of education and more broadly community involvement.

Objectives / Goals
  • Support and provide educational opportunities in the area that emphasize the arts and creativity
  • Focus on inspiring and training young adults to become effective future leaders and initiate creative ways to develop their communities
  • Increase local pride in the community through programs in the arts, music, and culture
  • Offer new economic opportunities for artists to market and sell their work
  • Use art as a platform for sharing the local culture with an international community of artists, activists, and fellow human beings
  • Incubate and partner with other local groups, organizations, and associations to increase our mutual effectiveness
  • Maintain a holistic approach that does not ignore other needs such as food, water

Annual Reports

Annual reports can be downloaded below:

Other information

Living Media International received its tax-exempt status in August of 2010 through section 501(c)3 of the IRS code in the United States. Our U.S. headquarters is located in Traverse City, Michigan.

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