Give10 for 10 Years of New Life!

How do you typically spend $10 in a month?  A movie ticket, a meal at a restaurant, 2 specialty coffee drinks… What if you could use that $10 a month to help a child go to school?

New Life Primary School has been educating students in rural Musac, Haiti for the past 10 years.The school has grown from less than 100 to over 200 students, K-9th grade. We invite you to partner with us in our celebration by pledging and giving $10 a month for one year. Our goal is to reach 100 donors and raise $1000 a month toward the operation of the school. Many students that attend New Life are from the poorest families in this area and have no other means to education. Your support of this school provides them an opportunity for education and a way for them to give back to their community.

Please join us in the Give10 Challenge by pledging your $10/month through the link below:



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