Smiles and Memories at New Life Primary School

16406716_10155057243826336_4587536727414731127_nThere were lots of smiles captured at New Life School recently, 147 to be exact.  Angelica Gabriel, a former long-term volunteer with Living Media International, took photos at the school to start putting together a memory portrait project.  These photos will be turned into artistic portraits by students and artists around the world.  We were inspired by the organization, Memory Project, which works with art teachers and students to create portraits for kids who face hardships and challenges in their lives.

16387142_10155057231671336_519785551873254266_nWe are excited about this portrait project because it helps students feel valued and also gives them a piece of personal history.  Another benefit is that it will broaden other students’ perspective on how kids are living in different parts of the world.  This will be a very special gift for the students at New Life School.  We will be delivering the portraits to Haiti this coming school year, 2017-2018.  And now we’re inviting you to be a part of the project with us! Check out the attached documents and contact us for more information. We would love to connect with you and have your artistic talent inspire and encourage these Haitian students. Thank you!

Project Instructions

New Life Info Sheet


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