Sponsor a Classroom at New Life!

Now that that the children at New Life School have a beautiful building built for them to attend school everyday, we need to make sure that they have all of the support that they need throughout the year to receive the best education possible within that building. So we are looking for groups to partner with us by sponsoring a classroom for just one month anytime during the school year. This could be a classroom of children at an elementary school who collect their spare change for a month and wants to connect with kids their age in Haiti. It could also be a family who decides to pitch in special funds over the holidays to bring special cheer to a group of our students. Or maybe it’s a Bible study group at a church that decides to sponsor a classroom as their special mission project for the year. Whatever the case may be, any group or individual that would like to come alongside our staff in Haiti in providing the support that we need to provide the highest quality education we can to these kids, please know that your partnership would be greatly appreciated! It’s only $185 and during your month you will receive a special thank-you message from the children in the classroom. More details on the flyer below. Please contact us with any questions or more information on how to become a sponsor. Thank you!

Classroom Sponsorship


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