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New Year at New Life

The beginning of the school year has arrived once again and we at Living Media are looking forward once again to working with the staff at our New Life Primary School to make this year full of creative education for the children there.  After finishing the last school year with 86 students, we have registered over 30 new students throughout the grades K – 6.  We have also added to our staff there with new teachers and a new principal as our previous director moved to the city to work as a firefighter.  Over the summer we offered multiple trainings to these staff so that they would be prepared to provide the children with the most effective and creative educations possible.  This year we will also be teaching the children more art and English to add to their typical curriculum.

Because of all of this, my staff has told me that this year we have a “zo lekol” which translates directly as “bone school” but it’s a phrase Haitian’s use when something’s very impressive, awesome, “zo”.  The community has responded positively to our school and seen that they can count on us for a quality education for their kids, which is reflected in the increased registration.

Our physical environment for the children still isn’t ideal, however.  Our plans were to start the new school year in our new building, but we were not able to reach our funding goal in time to complete the construction.  We are still about $15,000 short of what we need to complete the school complex.  So the children have started the year of classes in the same location that they have been in the past two years. We are hopeful that we will be able to move to the new location after Christmas break.  We are also still waiting for new benches.  We received a very generous donation of over 30 school benches, each able to hold at least 4 children, from some friends in Minnesota, however they did not arrive on time for the start of school.  So we have borrowed benches from our Learning Institute, and there still isn’t enough seating for all of the kids.  But that doesn’t stop them from coming and squishing in to learn!  The new benches should be arriving any day so that we can get the students more comfortable in their classrooms.

We will once again be able to provide the children with a hot lunch every day thanks to our partnership with Then Feed Just One.  We are happy to be able to give the students the nutrition that the need to be able to focus and learn to their greatest potential.  As the year goes on and we adjust to the changing needs and resources of our community, we look forward to seeing how the children begin to develop and grow into the bold young leaders that will change their country tomorrow.

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