Don't Just Make Art, Be Art

How To Believe

“What’s in your stomach is what you believe in,” goes the Haitian proverb. So what does that mean when your stomach is empty? Then it’s hard to believe in anything.

Living Media isn’t an organization that’s all about feeding people. We are all about making people believe in themselves and in their capacities to create beauty. We are about believing, dreaming, and creating. So we have teamed up with some other organizations that are about feeding people as well as clean drinking water.

Rice being unloaded at the LMI Center

Our Poverty Intervention Team has teamed up in the past with the organization Then Feed Just One to distribute rice to the population of Mizak. That last time that we distributed this rice we were able to serve over 500 families in the community! We have recently received another generous donation from Then Feed Just One and are planning another distribution shortly which will hopefully serve even more people. It’s a shame when families have to choose whether to pay for their kid’s school or pay for their family’s next meal. We can’t provide daily food support through charity which can lead to dependence and entitlement, but through this partnership we are able to, every once in a while, make the burden a little lighter on families so that they can focus on other important things for their families rather than how they’re going to feed them. Believe in wholeness. Believe in health. Believe in family.

Filter Pure filters being made at the factory in Cyvadier

The PI Team is also undergoing an ambitious project to help provide the community with cleaner drinking water. The first step of this project is to provide a number of water filters to families in the community. We will be receiving these filters from Filter Pure which has a factory nearby in Cyvadier where they actually make the filters. These ceramic filters are placed over a 5-gallon bucket and are able to purify water from the local natural sources to make it safe to drink. It’s a simple and effective technology which is also very affordable at only $35 per filter. It’s also encouraging to be able to get the filters from an organization that is able to hire local labor right here in the Jacmel area to make the filter systems! We have received donations from some churches and other donors in the US to allow us to provide over 100 filters in our Mizak area! Believe in purity. Believe in renewal. Believe in change.

Seeds from Hope Seeds distributed in Mizak by our PI Team

Finally, the PI Team also recently accomplished the distribution of garden seeds to over 200 local families to be planted right at the beginning of the rainy season, which is now in full force. These seeds were provided by the organization, Hope Seeds, and include such plants as peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, and watermelon. With these seeds the recipient families will be able to plant substantial gardens that will not only provide fruits and vegetables for their own families but also plenty extra to sell in the market to make an income. Through Hope Seeds we have the incredible opportunity to receive these seeds for free so that we may distribute them for the people of Mizak. Believe in growth. Believe in nutrition. Believe in production.

In the United States we would say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Haitians would say, “I’ll believe it when I eat it.” Help us to grow that belief. Please check out these other organizations at their websites and consider making a donation to them as well. They need support too in order to provide us with the services that they do.

Keep believing and dream big.

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